Path of Destruction at the Dog Park

Visitors said the case bears all the hallmarks of a riding mower run amok

Sepulveda Basin Dog Park visitors say they found a path of debris when they arrived last week at the facility in Encino.

They told the Daily News the mess was left behind after someone on a riding mower shredded plastic lawn chairs that visitors brought to the off-leash park. Visitors say they've shared the chairs for years.

"The park has been in existence for 14 years and we've always done this," Michael S. Hyams told the Daily News. "They've never mowed over all the chairs, and they can't all of a sudden start now."

According to the Daily News:

In the city's eyes, the chairs are private property that has been left on public grounds and poses an obstacle to park maintenance, according to Councilman Greig Smith, who represents the district. In addition, he said, the chairs are a nuisance because they have to be moved every time the grass is cut.

"I understand that the users of the wonderful dog park in our district want a place to sit comfortably, and it is unfortunate that some of their chairs were damaged," Smith told the Daily News. "However, private property such as chairs that are left in a public park will be removed.

"I encourage the park users to bring their own chairs, but to take them home with them when they leave."

Smith also told the newspaper that parks officials have considered installing tables and benches.

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