Play Days at the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

PLAY TIME: Most younger visitors to the San Diego Zoo likely have a favorite toy (that guest might even have it with them, if mom couldn't convince them to leave it in the car). We'll also guess that several guests who are not so young have a toy or two at home they like (they might have even driven to the zoo in their favorite one). But what do the animals inside the zoo like to frolic with? And is there anything better than watching giant Polar Bears tumble around with a toy? We're judging that to be pre-cute. Frolicsome animalia is at the heart of the San Diego Zoo's Play Days, which are running from Saturday, April 2 through Sunday, April 24.

TREATS, TOO: The "23 different animal experiences" promised during the 23 Play Days aren't totally toy-centered, though; there will be animal snacks, and lots of 'em (the Meerkats are going to be the lucky recipients of some "crunch crickets." Mmm.) If you've got a beastie you're sweet on, check out the Zoo site and see if your guy'll be featured during one of the days. Bet he or she will be, but, if not, there's a whole roster of adorb-worthy stuff going down around the Zoo.

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