Playing For Laughs

The 7th Annual Improv Festival, held at the I.O West, is bringing shine with big names in TV and film comedy this week. Not only do you get to see comedy's celebrities, you get a chance to see some amazing improv. The week's lineups include groups from LA's top comedy theaters, as they compete for the Harold Competition Championship on June 5.

One of the top troupes, Soups You Like, finished as semi-finalists on Wednesday. Winning the festival was not paramount. The original goal was to go out and do a great show. At a rehearsal last weekend, the group tightened its longer format to a little over 20 minutes and did what a strong improv ensemble does best, have fun and make each other look good.

This was the Second City Los Angeles grads' first public performance as a group. Soups You Like, well disciplined on the craft, met through classes. They knew they had the fundamentals for stage play, such as trust, intelligence, chemistry and making each other laugh. All the elements in place, the gang looked forward to an exciting festival show.

They had a strong Round 1. The following night, another group, McShane ended up taking the spot for the finals.

Improv has its highs and lows. One minute, your up and the next, you're down. It's all about being in the moment.

And you take every performance and grow. For Soups You Like, the festival confirmed what they already knew, they have what it takes and the group is already getting ready for the next show.

For more info on Soups You Like, contact Second City Los Angeles at 323-464-8542

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