Police Rescue “Poor Little Puppy” Kept Next to Shotgun in Vehicle's Trunk

A little black dog with a white spot above its nose kept in neglected conditions was taken to a police station Thursday morning in east Los Angeles County, authorities said.

The "poor little puppy" was found next to a shotgun in the trunk of a vehicle during a traffic stop in Alhambra in the early morning, according to the Alhambra Police Department's Facebook page.

Police pulled over the car for making a right-hand turn from the left lane, at the intersection of Montezuma and Fremont avenues, according to an Alhambra police spokesman. When officers looked inside, they found marijuana and smoking paraphernalia.

The occupants of the stopped vehicle were arrested on suspicion of committing animal neglect and may be charged for misdemeanors, though the drug possession was minor, police said.

"Hopefully this little puppy can have a better life now," said police, who added pictures of the puppy.

The dog was at a police station Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

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