Squawk of the Town: Missing Parrot

The African gray parrot was found about two miles from her Silver Lake home

It was the squawk of town... or at least part of Silver Lake.

Lola (not pictured), an African gray parrot, went missing from her Silver Lake home. Her owner put up billboards, handed out fliers, hired a psychic and entlisted the help of a pet detective as part of the search.

The mystery ended nearly a month after the bird disappeared and two miles from its home when she was found on the balcony of an East Hollywood house. The homeowner found the bird perched in a pot of plants.

Actually, the cats found Lola first.

According to the LA Times:

Margaret Starr, 71, slipped on a pair of oven mitts and picked the bird up, putting an end to Lola's 24-day adventure in the wilds of Los Angeles.

Lola took flight from Alexis Readinger's backyard on June 26. Readinger searched for her high and low, with the aid of a psychic, a pet detective, two bloodhounds and 400 fliers. On traveling billboards stationed across Silver Lake, she offered a $2,000 reward for the parrot and described Lola's taste for "almonds, oranges and ice cream."

Readinger learned Lola had been found after reading a Craigslist post. The house was located about two miles from Readinger's house.

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