Quake's Epicenter in Inglewood

Epicenter Located 9 Miles Under City Farm Market

The USGS says the epicenter of Sunday night's 4.7 earthquake was nine miles deep and right under the City Farm Market in Inglewood.  Located near Lennox Boulevard and Prairie Avenue, employees inside say they felt the initial jolt.

"Oh yeah, it was like, BAM!" said Mike, a manager at the market, "and it just started moving."

Mike Awadallah was working in the meat department when the quake hit.  "I was cutting meat and you could feel it, you could feel dizzy, it was crazy."

In Long Beach, a shattered storefront was the extent of any damage.  A Starbucks in Torrance also reported window damage.

Seismologists say the quake happened on the Newport-Inglewood Fault, a fault line they first discovered when a quake hit in nearly the exact spot in 1920.  The same fault was responsible for a damaging earthquake in Long Beach in 1933, but experts don't expect it to cause another major quake.

Neighbors who live near the epicenter say the shaking felt violent.

"It was very bad," said Dora Lopez, "the doors, everything. It was good nothing fell down but everything was shaking."



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