Mulholland, Malibu Road Washed Away

Crews are race to repair Mulholland and a sinkhole swallows a road in Malibu

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Two hillside roads fell victim to wet conditions.

First, a portion of Mulholland Drive washed away Wednesday evening. Westbound Mulholland Drive between Laurel Canyon  Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue remained closed Thursday because of storm  damage.

Officials said they're seeking "expedited funding" to make emergency  repairs.

The section of road was closed to all but local traffic at 4 p.m.  Wednesday, according to the city Department of Transportation. K-rails were set  up to keep vehicles off the pavement.

"As a result of the recent storms, a washout, or erosion gully,  developed on the northern or downslope side of Mulholland," according to a  Department of Public Works statement. The washout is 35 feet wide, 10 feet deep and located about seven- tenths of a mile east of the intersection of Coldwater Canyon ... (and) has  eroded fill material consisting of silty sand used when the road was  constructed.".

Citing the importance of Mulholland Drive to the area's traffic flow,  the DPW said it has requested expedited funding to conduct emergency road  repairs. In the interim, motorists were being detoured. 

In Malibu, a portion of Rambla Pacific Road in Malibu washed away Thursday morning.

Part of the road crumbled and fell down the side of a hill. The sinkhole developed around 9 a.m. after a week of wet weather.

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