Secret Codes are Key to Hidden Bargains

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Black Friday is still more than a week away, but let’s face it -- the holiday shopping season has already started.

The economy’s tough -- and wallets are tight.  The Automobile Club of Southern California reports 53 percent of holiday shoppers will spend less than $500 this year. 

Just about every shopper is looking for a bargain.  If that’s you, then shop early.


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"People are not buying as much inventory as they did last year.  The good deals are not going to be as broadly available as they were last year," says Lynda Keeler of

To get some of the best bargains, experts advise:

  • Sign up for store newsletters
  • Look online at sites like for coupon codes
  • Consider signing up for a reward card
  • Follow holiday deals on Twitter and Facebook

A lot of retailers are offering gifts at $10 or less, hoping to lure you into the store.  But $10, multiplied by everyone on your list, can add up to a lot of money!

Avoid credit card debt -- it’s getting very expensive.  "Fees are being raised, limits cut and interest rates are jumping all before new credit card regulation goes into effect in February, so one of the worst things you can do for your money is to be in debt come January," reports CNBC’s Carmen Wong.

And Wong has another good point -- the best gift you can give yourself: a debt-free new year!

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