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Watch: Employee Tackles Armed Robber Before Scuffle Spills Outside T-Mobile Store

Security camera video shows a T-Mobile employee try to grab and hold a robber before the scuffle continues on a sidewalk.

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An determined employee at a T-Mobile store in Orange County tried to stop an armed robbery caught on security camera video by tackling one of the thieves.

The video shows a man attempted to distract the employee Tuesday afternoon as another man walked into the Seal Beach store and clipped the security cable on a cellphone, police said. The employee saw what was happening and confronted the man in a corner of the store.

The two struggled inside the store for a few seconds, during which the robber almost lost his pants, before the scuffle spilled outside onto the sidewalk. Eventually, both men got away.

"After fighting for a several seconds, the suspect was able to get away from the employee and ran through the parking lot," Seal Beach Police said in a statement. "Both suspects fled the scene in a gold-colored Lexus sedan prior to police arrival."

A witness told police at least one of the men had a firearm. The weapon was not discharged and no injuries were reported.

Two women were inside the store at the time.

Police released the security camera video in an effort to identify the robbers. Anyone with information is asked to contact detective Ryan Bedard at 562-799-4100 ext. 1113 or

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