See Sequoias by Starlight at the Dark Sky Fest

Hoping to make the trip in 2019? The dates are live, hurrah.

A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON CHART? It's often quite handy, when you're examining two objects that might seem somewhat similar in girth, height, or mass. But, let's be real: There are some really big things that probably don't need to be included. Like? Well, a star, for example. A star is going to be larger than just about everything else, save a larger star, and including it in such a study seems unnecessary. So, nope, we won't stick a star next to a sequoia on a comparison chart, even though, yes, the tall tree is among the very largest living parts of this phenomenal planet. But putting sequoias and stars together over one curiosity-packed, wonder-filled summer weekend? That can offer far more fun than any mere comparison chart, and loads of educational opportunities, too. And that sequoias 'n stars celebration is coming up, in late August, at the...

DARK SKY FESTIVAL... at Sequoia and Kings National Parks. Actually, the three-day event, which will happen on Aug. 23, 24, and 25, will occur outside of the parks as well, with a gathering in Three Rivers, so be sure to check the full schedule. And goodness, is it ever full: Plan on toodling through "... tours, stargazing, guest speakers, movies, musical performances, and more." The festival has been around for over a half decade now, which means that attendance has been on the up and up and up. One suggestion from the organizers, with that in mind?

BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS... well ahead of time. Sequoia Parks Conservancy is the group behind this glorious weekend, which honors the idea that a rich darkness, after the sun sets, is important to so many aspects of nature. A star may be larger than a sequoia, but we can all benefit by basking in a dark night, well outside of the city lights.

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