Shoppers Stockpile Food for Carmageddon

For some people, the best strategy for surviving Carmageddon may be to leave the car in park and stay at home for the weekend.

For everything you need to know during the 405 closure, visit the Carmageddon Toolkit.

On the Thursday before the planned shutdown of the 405 freeway, many residents were hitting up local grocery stores, stockpiling food now so they don't have to make another trip later.

At the Whole Foods Market on Sepulveda near the 101 in Sherman Oaks, loyal shoppers were grabbing everything they needed to survive a few days stuck at home.

"There's no way I was coming out here over the weekend," said Caroline Farrah.  "It's going to be too much of a nightmare."

Getting ready for the weekend is a slightly more difficult task for some local grocery store managers, who aren't quite sure of what to expect.

"We don't really know," said Whole Foods manager Mark Swanson.  "Ever since I first heard about it I've been trying to figure it out, and we just decided to go with a full staff."

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