DWP Website for Overbilling Complaints

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power set up a website to help consumers who think they've been overcharged, after the NBC4 I-Team aired a report exposing flaws.

In response to an I-Team report last week, which revealed how the DWP is estimating meter reads and likely overcharging customers, the DWP has launched a new billing information website to provide customers who have have been on hold for hours, waiting for customer service.

Using the website, customers will be able to reduce their time on hold and file for a review of the billing. It has been a headache so far, with consumers waiting hours for customer service.

Website: www.ladwp.com/BillingInfo

The DWP went online with a new system in September.

NBC4 learned, and the DWP admitted, the system is flawed.

Some 65,000 customers are suspected of being overcharged, due to “estimated meter readings” – not actual readings.

Consumers should request an “actual meter reading” from the DWP for an accurate estimate of billing.

They can now do this through the website unveiled this week.

DWP tells I-Team it could be three months before the kinks are worked out..but no guarantees.

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