Snowy Stocking Up: Ski Dazzle

The mega mountain recreation extravaganza marks a half century.

It matters not the day of the year, or the weather, or your mood, or if it is a holiday or not: You can have contact with the Pacific if you so desire it. You may not be able to surf, because of conditions, and it might be too chilly for swimming, but you can walk into the water and be one with the ocean.

This is not the case with skiing. Sure, you can drive to the mountains, but finding the frosty white stuff? There's a much tighter window. Which is why preparation for the slope season is absolutely key.

Never fear, frigid weatherists: Ski Dazzle is schussing in as we type. The mondo convention devoted to all things skiing marks its half century this year, which translates into all sorts of resorts and destinations and experts showing up at the Los Angeles Convention Center to demo and chat and explain and give skiers deals aplenty.

Exhibit booths -- over 250 of 'em -- will pack in the LACC South Hall from Thursday, Dec. 5 through Sunday, Dec. 8. Ski and snowboard retailers will very present, as will over 50 resorts that have a hand -- er, a ski pole? -- in wintry pursuits.

Basically? If it has a slope, lift, fire pit, lodge, or bunny hill -- or all of the above -- you'll spy it at LACC.

Plus: SkyTech Sport's Sochi Olympic virtual ski competitions -- you can "race a virtual Sochi course -- and two-story high climbing wall. Plus a mini skating rink as well. Anything that is involved with ice, basically, outside of a freezer tray, will have a presence at the cold-weather con.

Nope, you don't need to mitten up to attend, but you should know that your ticket in'll nab you a "lift ticket bonus" from a sextet of resorts, including Mountain High and Snow Summit. Details are at the site (and, nope, you don't need to don your mittens to visit the Ski Dazzle site, either; plus it makes it rather hard to type).

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