Driver of White Utility Truck Slams Into SUV During High Speed Chase

At one point, the driver burst through a barricade blocking off a train crossing.

The driver of a white utility truck leading a chase in the San Gabriel Valley area evaded officers by speeding through stop signs and red lights, and eventually T-boned an SUV passing through an intersection Thursday.

After hitting more than one vehicle, running red lights, smashing through crossing gates of the Metro Gold Line and hitting an innocent driver in a black SUV, the driver of the utility truck finally surrender to police.

The driver was wanted for failing to yield at a traffic stop when the chase began with Bell Gardens police in pursuit.

As the pursuit was being broadcast onilne and on television, firefighters of the Pasadena Fire Department were watching and knew to be ready to head to the scene.

"Once they realized the pursuit had terminated with the traffic collision, they ran to fire apparatus," said Deputy Chief Bryan Frieders. "By the time our dispatcher received the call, they were already on scene."

According to Deputy Frieders, the woman in the black SUV hit by the driver in the utility truck as trapped under the dashboard. 

In their efforts to get the woman out of her car, first responders found two carseats in the back of the vehicle but were grateful to realize that no children were present.

The driver of the utility truck led officers on the chase just before 5 p.m. through the Monterey Park area. After swerving over a center divider and onto the wrong side of the road, the truck sped through, hitting 70 mph on Garfield Avenue.

The driver merged briefly onto the 110 Freeway before getting back on surface streets, driving right through red lights. 

At one point, the driver burst through a barricade blocking off a train crossing. 

The driver, traveling at about 45 mph, slammed into the black SUV passing through the intersection at Holly Street and Orange Grove Boulevard.

The woman in the black SUV was transported to a hospital in serious, but stable condition. The driver of the utility truck was transported with minor injuries and will be charged for car theft and felony evading by Bell Gardens Police.

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