Kiss Cabrillo Beach Restrictions Goodbye

Please resume splishing and splashing.

The water along Cabrillo Beach was declared safe for human contact Wednesday after officials confirmed an accidental discharge of treated wastewater contained no contaminants.

County public health officials closed the inner and outer beaches at Cabrillo as a precaution when they learned about 3 million gallons of treated wastewater was discharged into the harbor, but the county's Dr. Jonathan Fielding said no contaminants were mixed with the treated water, and the beach would reopen Wednesday afternoon.

Much of the treated wastewater from the city's sewage treatment plant on Terminal Island goes into a separate water system, designated by purple-colored piping, and is recycled for irrigation and purposes other than drinking, he said.

"It's really very clean water," Fielding said.

The health department maintains a list of beach health grades on its website.

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