Student Films Play on City Buses

While the LA Film Festival was finalizing preparations for it's opening this weekend, a different sort of film festival debuted on the streets of Los Angeles Monday.

It's a project called "Out the Window." 40 short films created by East LA high school students are playing on the screens of 2,200 LA Metro buses.

"I'm excited. It's the first time people are going to be able to see our work publically," said first time filmmaker, Lilybeth Hernandez, who actually boarded a bus to watch the reaction of the public first hand.

The shorts have a common theme of nutrition and health and the students received help and guidance from the Echo Park Film Center, Public Matters and UCLA Remap.

The film making process broadened the worlds of these city kids, according to Public Matter's Creative Director, Reanne Estrada. "They start to look at their environment with a more critical eye, with greater detail, greater attention, and in so doing, form a closer connection to their community."

The price of admission to see these movies on wheels? The bus fare price of $1.50.

"I think more people are going to get to see it than actually go into the theater," said Martha Mejia, a student filmmaker. "Everybody rides the bus."

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