How Much Does the Average Super Bowl 53 Ticket Cost?

Greg Zuerlein's 57-yard field goal in overtime to launch the LA Rams into the Super Bowl: priceless. SeatGeek's average price for a Super Bowl 53 ticket to watch the Rams take on the New England Patriots: over $5,000 with the cheapest about $4,000.

On Sunday, the ticket-vending website released the official price to score a ticket to Super Bowl 53. 

"This would make the game one of the most in-demand Super Bowls that we have seen since we started tracking the game in 2010," SeatGeek Communications Manager Chris Leyden stated. 

Over the next two weeks leading up to the game, SeatGeek is offering fans an opportunity to keep an eye on the price of Super Bowl tickets with their Super Bowl Ticket Tracker.

It updates daily with how prices are trending compared to previous years, as well as where people are shopping for tickets.

With the Rams winning Sunday's game, everyone's eyes will be on ticket prices. 

Average resale price for the past seven years as per SeatGeek:

• Super Bowl 47 (2013) 49ers vs. Ravens: $2,479

• Super Bowl 48 (2014) Broncos vs. Seahawks: $2,537

• Super Bowl 49 (2015) Patriots vs. Seahawks: $4,271

• Super Bowl 50 (2016) Broncos vs. Panthers: $4,531

• Super Bowl 51 (2017) Patriots vs. Falcons: $4,487

• Super Bowl 52 (2018) Patriots vs. Eagles: $5,435

• Super Bowl 53 (2019) Rams vs. TBD: $5,239

Here are the states with the most interest in buying Super Bowl tickets, according to SeatGeek:

• Georgia: 11 percent

• Louisiana: 11 percent

• Texas: 10 percent

• California: 7 percent

• Florida: 6 percent

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