The Quirky Side of Thanksgiving

Hot dogs, cupcakes, and dublab tunes? Do the holiday in a different way.

There's a reason that Thanksgiving and the word "traditional" so often appear together in ads and menus and commercials: It's the holiday where we look to the tried-and-truest of dishes the most.

Sure, you may brine your turkey one year, instead of roasting it, but there's still turkey on the table. So is it a culinary quandary for those who want to dine out and do something different? Not really. Offbeat choices abound around Los Angeles, but none are too fantastical or far-gone from what we want from the holiday.

Here are a few savory spots to put a whimsical spin on the most grateful of gatherings.

Dog Haus: The Pasadena frankfurter-laden destination is honoring both the gratitude holiday and Hanukkah via the Thanksgivukkah Dog. Think of a turkey dog that includes "all of the flavors of Thanksgiving" with a latke on top. Mmm. There's a Dog Haus in Alhambra, too, and the seasonal dog is available from Nov. 22 through Dec. 1.

Crumbs: We still haven't quite given up our desire to consume pie and lots of it on the afternoon of November's fourth Thursday, but the cupcake industry has made interesting in-roads into this territory. Crumbs is offering a trio of individual cakes in holiday flavors like apple pie, stuffed pecan pie, and stuffed pumpkin pie.

Grand Central Market: The downtown landmark is getting a festive jump on the celebration with a Saturday, Nov. 23 party called "Eat to the Beat: A Thanksgiving Food & Music Happening." Dublab DJs'll be providing the aforementioned music, and the eating? Well, you'll be at Grand Central.

The traditional bites are there, but why not honor the holiday with oysters, a taco, or ramen? If you're with friends and family, eating together, that's the spirit.

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