UCLA Releases Stats on Fall 2009 Admissions

UCLA admitted 12,098 prospective freshmen for the fall semester, including a slightly higher percentage of minorities than last year, university officials said.

The admitted prospective freshmen were chosen from a pool of 55,676 applicants. Of the number admitted, 2,137 -- or 18.6 percent -- were classified as under-represented minorities, up from last year's percentage of 18.1 percent.

According to the university, 407 black students were admitted, representing 3.5 percent of the overall number of prospective freshman. That is down slightly from last year's total of 453 black students.

Also, 1,675 Latino/Chicano students were admitted, down from 1,684 last year, and 55 Native Americans, up from 43 last year.
Asian-Americans represent 42.7 percent of the admitted prospective freshmen, while whites make up 32.1 percent.
Vu Tran, director of undergraduate admissions and relations with schools, said 26,314 of the 55,676 applicants had grade-point averages of 4.0 or above.
Students who were admitted have until May 1 to indicate their intention to actually enroll at the university.

"We are proud of the breadth and depth of the achievements, leadership and talents of the students who have been admitted to the university," UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said. "Our mission at UCLA is not only to stress academic achievement but to instill a sense of service that will have lasting benefits to society as our students go out into the world. These students have already shown they can live up to those high standards."

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