Watch Out, Ladies of USC

USC students have two options for free rides around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods: 1) the Campus Cruiser service, or 2) the creepy guys in a car that looks suspiciously like a Campus Cruiser vehicle.

Authorities are hoping students stick to Option 1. We're hoping for the same thing too. In fact, the only people probably rooting for Option 2 are the aforementioned creepy guys.

USC's Department of Public Safety has released a surveillance image (pictured) of the van school officials say has been spotted twice near campus offering free rides to female students, the Daily Trojan reported:

Recent sightings of a Campus Cruiser-like vehicle have prompted USC’s Department of Public Safety to warn students to look out for unmarked and unauthorized minivans similar in style and color to Campus Cruisers.

On two separate occasions, a van offering free rides to female students has been spotted near campus. Because of the van’s color and style, DPS is concerned students may confuse it for a Campus Cruiser vehicle.

"There is a possibility that it is an unapproved, unauthorized taxi service trying to make money, but our concern is that their intent is something much more serious," DPS Capt. David Carlisle told the Daily Trojan.

According to DPS, the vehicle to be on the lookout for is a gold minivan with custom black and chrome rims and dual sliding doors, possibly a Dodge Caravan, the Daily Trojan reported.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact DPS at 213-740-6000. If the vehicle is seen, DPS can be reached immediately at 213-740-4321.

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