‘VIP Package' Customers Feel Misled by Hooman Toyota Closure

A Long Beach car dealership that promised maintenance for life has closed its doors and customers aren't happy.

Viewers have been complaining
to the I-Team's Randy Mac since learning the dealership closed its doors, and his team went digging for answers.

Hooman and Rayan Nissani own several car dealerships that all offer a "VIP Package" — free oil changes, tires and more just for buying your car there.

Customers say it's why they bought their car there, and now that one of the dealerships closed it's an expensive lesson.

It's a service package Hooman Toyota of Long Beach advertised for years when you buy a car.

"Feel like a real VIP," the advertisement says. "Free tires and free oil changes for life.”

Lester Estrada thought it was quite a deal when he bought a Toyota Tacoma three years ago, believing the VIP Package.

It saved him more than $6,000 in maintenance fees, according to the brochures and commercials.

"That's what brought me there," Estrada said, adding that he trusted the Hooman name.

So when the company's Toyota dealership suddenly closed, he was shocked to learn that Hooman's five other dealerships all refuse to honor his lifetime VIP package.

"If I would have got one set of tires, I probably wouldn't have been as upset as I am," he said.

Consumer attorney Stuart Talley said it can be a misleading advertisement.

When a dealership closes, service packages could be worthless. But what if they're all part of the same ownership?

"If you have the same name connected to all of these dealerships, I think a reasonable person would assume that they're all connected," Talley said.

The owners of the dealerships, Hooman and Rayan Nassani, did not respond to the I-Team’s repeated messages.

A Hooman spokesperson called the I-Team confirming the VIP Package will not be honored by other Hooman dealerships, never addressing why.

"There's just few customers who have contacted you." the spokesperson said. "Everybody else is extremely happy with us."

Because companies can go out of business, customers should always be wary of deals that offer "lifetime" service. The Better Business Bureau says it will not accredit companies that offer coupons without an expiration date for this very reason.

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