Motorcycle Chase Ends in Construction Zone

An unusual high-speed motorcycle chase across two counties and three freeways ended Wednesday afternoon with the driver in the dirt and in custody.

Traveling at speeds up to 90 mph along mostly clear freeways, the motorcyclist drove erratically, gesturing obscenely toward officers and motioning his hands as if to summon them on.

The chase flew along the 210, 134 and 170 freeways as the driver weaved through traffic and narrowly missed other cars.

The driver appeared to flip off the pursuing officers with his middle finger. Earlier in the chase, the driver tossed his gloves in the carpool lane, was seen standing on his motorcycle and punching other cars.

Several times, the motorcyclist lifted his hands from the controls, shaking his arms.

While traveling along the 170 Freeway in the Burbank area, the driver transitioned onto what would become an all-dirt road.

He continued speeding through the barren construction zone before he hit a patch of  dirt that appeared too slow him down. The driver jumped off his motorcycle and slumped into the dirt.

A pair of CHP officers approached him, guns drawn. One the officers kicked the driver in the back to force him to lay face down in the dirt. They then handcuffed him.

California Highway Patrol was tipped off to the chase about 3:30 p.m. Officers from the Inland Empire began the pursuit, CHP Officer Vince Ramirez said.

Ramirez said the driver was wanted on suspicion of reckless driving.

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