We're ‘Saur Excited for NHM's Dino Fest

Knowledge-smart paleontologists, "rare specimens," and those incredible dinosaur puppets will all call upon Dino Fest.

What to Know

  • Natural History Museum of LA County
  • Sept. 21 and 22, 2019
  • Included with museum admission

Flashback Friday, Throwback Thursday, Wending into the Past Wednesday, Time Travel Tuesday? 

It's hard to pick our favorite whimsical weekday, the day of the week that suggests we celebrate something that's already transpired, be it a photo snapped a month ago or a memory from last year.

But for a true throwback celebration, one that jumps back some 65 million years, give or take, you won't need a quippy hashtag or just the right retro snapshot.

Rather, you'll simply need to stomp, stomp, stomp over to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, which is celebrating its fourth annual Dino Fest on Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday, Sept. 22.

True, it's always pretty dang dino-riffic at our city's most dinosaur-packed place, but Dino Fest has some special features. A number of notable paleontologists will be there, ready to chat about "ongoing fossil discoveries," proving that, yes, the past is never truly past.

Look also for "rare specimens from the museum's collections," as well as those super-big dinosaur puppets, the ones that are both realistic and engaging. You'll probably want a photograph, we'll guess.


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A photo that will one day be part of some throwback post of yours, on social media.

Because we do love gazing upon the past, as humans, though some of us, the dinosaur devotees, like looking into the long, long, loooong ago past, eons ago, when scaly giants stomped, roared, and ruled our home turf.

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