Weekend: Smithsonian Magazine Free Museum Day

You'll need a ticket, keep in mind, but entry to several SoCal spots is free.

Smithsonian Magazine Free Museum Day: Ever had a pal that treated you to something nice? This august publication also does just that, for thousands of fans of art, culture, and history, every September. The magazine works in partnership with local museums, all to waive admission, but keep in mind you will need a ticket to enter your chosen destination. And those destinations for 2019? Catalina Island Museum, Flight Path Museum & Learning Center at LAX, and the Los Angeles Maritime Museum are but a few of the local gems. Peruse the train-packed, sculpture-filled list, and get your ticket to the Sept. 21 event pronto.

Knott's Scary Farm opens: Entering the CarnEVIL? Wading into the Forsaken Lake or wandering the shadowy streets of the historic Ghost Town? You're going to need to find your inner bravery, and some Halloween-loving spirit, as soon as you can, for one of the biggies of the haunting season made its seasonal entrance on Sept. 19. Buena Park's largest screamful scene will have oodles to do, from scare zones to mazes to old ghoul, er, old school shows, so arrive early in the evening for this jump-and-start celebration. Can you do everything in one night? Groan, which is how the undead say "probably."

Dino Fest: The opportunity to cross paths with an actual paleontologist doesn't come around every day, which isn't a shocker. After all, they're often in the field, finding bones and making way-cool discoveries. But paleontologists will definitely be in the house on Sept. 21 and 22 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, as all things dino-riffic stomp into the spotlight. There are activities to jump into (yep, of the "hands-on" variety) and "rare specimens" to ooh/ahh over. And, hurrah, those nifty, large-scale puppets, er, super-real dinosaurs will be wandering the halls of the museum. Hey Dino Fest, we love you!

Coastal Cleanup Day: Have a beach or shoreline or creek or lake you especially love? Would you like to see it looking a bit spiffier? Here's your chance to make a positive impact. Over 70 places in and around LA will host pitch-in events on Saturday, Sept. 21, giving people the chance to pick up litter and help those animals that call the ocean/playa/rivers home. Is there a place pretty close to where you are? Oh, we'll just bet yes. Will you feel great after joining this morningtime give-back? Oh, we'll just bet yes (again). Find your beach or bank now.

Hello Kitty and Giant Pumpkins: Have you seen the bow-topped Sanrio superstar stop by Tanaka Farms in Irvine yet? Here's your last chance, for Hello Kitty is making her final apperance at the bountiful spread in honor of the opening of the annual pumpkin patch. That is on Sept. 21. Yep, you'll need a parking pass, keep in mind. And at Irvine Park Railroad? Hoooo goodness, it is time to weigh the gargantuan pumpkins that growers have been growing all summer long. The forklift will be out, as if we need to say more. Be there, pumpkin peeps, on Sept. 21.

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