Moreno Valley

Possibly Two Suspected Gropers Sought in Moreno Valley

Detectives on Wednesday sought the public's help to find possibly two gropers suspected in a series of attacks on women walking or jogging in Moreno Valley.

Sheriff's deputies released a composite sketch of one of the men. Riverside County Sheriff's investigators also created another composite sketch of the same groper and released a photo of his truck, taken by city surveillance cameras.

Officials said he follows women and grabs their buttocks before running away. The last two incidents happened in late September.

Last week, a jogger was attacked a few miles away by a man in a different truck.

Hannah Fogg, one of the alleged victims, said she and a friend were walking home from Gateway Park at 7 p.m. when they noticed they were being followed by a strange man last May.

"He started to hide behind bushes and trees and that's when it started getting weirder and weirder so we started to ... jog towards my house," she said.

Fogg and her friends managed to get inside her home safely, but then they heard a noise outside the window.

"And I didn't think anything of it because it was windy until I saw some eyes through the blinds," she said. "From that point on I freaked out."

She screamed and the man ran away.

She filed police report and that was it until she saw a composite sketch of a serial groper.

"It was the facial structure, the nose," she said. "I knew who that man was and I knew that he was the one that was staring in my window."

Neighbors are frightened.

"It's really scary to walk to the park," said Emma Carrizosa. "You don't even know who's around you nowadays."

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