‘Miracle' Dog Makes Recovery After Being Left for Dead

Rescuer David Loop feared the worst when he found the pup lying in the middle of the road in Mira Loma.

David Loop is used to finding hope for animals that few other people would give a chance, but even he thought it was the end of the road for the little white dog he found in the middle of a Mira Loma street a couple weeks ago.

"As far as I was concerned, she was a deceased dog," Loop said. "She was completely lifeless."

Loop, who runs his own animal rescue nonprofit saving cats and dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized at shelters, was on his way to work when he spotted the dog lying in a center divider off Highway 60, and captured the discovery on his dashcam.

With cars and semitrucks whizzing by, Loop said he knew he couldn't leave her there, so he made a quick U-turn and moved the dog out of traffic and onto the side of the road.

"I was about to turn and leave and thought 'I don’t want to see her covered in ants,'" Loop said. "And then her eyes blinked. I said ‘Oh my God, she’s alive.'"

Loop rushed the dog, a matted little Maltese, to Valley Animal Hospital in Bloomington. He was hopeful, but still realistic about her condition. By the time they got into an exam room, she was breathing and blinking, but Loop said he knew that given her condition she might still have to be euthanized.

The veterinarian managed to stabilize the little dog, but said there was little hope for her.

Loop then moved her to California Veterinary in Ontario, where she stayed for several days in a near-comatose state. The veterinarian told him the dog had swelling in her brain, as well as a broken femur and fractured pelvis, and to be prepared for the worst.

But Loop didn’t give up. That night, he prayed for the little Maltese to pull through.

"I asked the Lord to give me wisdom to know if it's her time. I also asked God to please don't take my miracle away from me," Loop said. "Later I saw she had made incredible improvement on Saturday. She was alert and climbed up into my lap. I knew then she was going to make it."

Before finding the dog, Loop said he had been struggling with his faith and told his wife he needed a sign from God. And then came a Miracle.

"When she blinked at me, I said 'Oh Lord,' it's a miracle," Loop said. "I named her 'Miracle.'"

Miracle has made such a stunning recovery that she may be able to go home with Loop as soon as this week. And in the meantime, he visits her every day.

The only downside to Miracle's recovery are the high veterinary bills, the most recent one for $9,000. Loop has set up a GoFundMe campaign to fundraise for Miracle’s surgeries and medical care, and supporters have already donated more than $11,000.

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