“Not Everything Adds Up” in Art Student’s Disappearance

San Bernardino Police Department investigators will be working to get to the bottom of what happened

An art student who went missing last week has been found in good health and reunited with her family, but investigators said Friday they might have been misled about the events surrounding her disappearance.

Sahray Barber, 22, had seemingly disappeared early March 9, when the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire student left her apartment in the 1500 block of Northpark Boulevard in San Bernardino. Some of her belongings, including a laptop and her cellphone, were found in bushes near a bus stop where she may have been heading.

It came soon after two kidnapping attempts at the nearby Cal State San Bernardino, and it was feared she may have been a victim, but police said there were not connections between the crimes and Barber's disappearance.

San Bernardino Police Department officials said there a still questions that need to be answered. Thousands of dollars were spent by law enforcement during the search.

"Not everything adds up here," said Lt. Richard Lawhead."If we find there was some malicious intent, or there was an intent to lead law enforcement in a different direction, then yes, that's an obstruction of an officer in the line of duty."

Barber had actually been in the Los Angeles area -- authorities did not say where -- all the time, and when she saw televised reports she was missing she contacted her father Thursday afternoon. He then got in touch with detectives.

Her family has asked for privacy but released a statement.

"God has righteously answered all of our prayers in guiding Sahray back to us," the statement read. "For this we are ecstatic and so very thankful."

Police said an investigation will be conducted to determine whether anyone misled their investigation, and if criminal charges should be filed.

The  student's two roommates had reported her missing. They were previously questioned, along with her ex-boyfriend.

Friends started a Facebook page to raise awareness about her disappearance, while a vigil was also held at her college.

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