Mom Intervenes as Sex Offender Tries to Lure 4-Year-Old Girl

Police said an alert mother likely prevented a crime when a stranger that happened to be a sex offender approached her 4-year-old daughter Friday morning at a park in Covina.

"Mom was in the restroom at the park. The daughter was with her. The daughter came out of the bathroom at which point the male called over to the daughter and waved at her and said come here as he was standing next to the bathroom," said Sgt. Gregg Peterson of Covina Police Department.

That's when police said the mom intervened then watched the man until the police arrived.

Police arrested 49-year-old Mathew James Smith of Covina, a sex offender who was not in compliance.

"He is considered a transient so he require to register every 30 days, but he has not registered with us since October of 2014," Peterson said.

Police praised the mom for remaining calm and being a good witness.

"Just be vigilant. Just maintain observation on your kids at all times, even at a park," Peterson said.

Smith was in jail on $20,000 bail, and due in court April 4.

It was unclear if Smith had an attorney.

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