More than 400 Rescued From Powerful Riptides in One Day

Strong rip currents were expected to continue into Friday

Powerful rip currents caught many swimmers by surprise Tuesday as lifeguards had to rescue more than 400 people in one day.

In Venice Beach, Los Angeles County lifeguards rushed to rescue more than 18 people from a single powerful riptide. Lifeguards referred to those kind of intense rescues as a blitz.

"Sometimes they are a little surprised or stunned that that happened and how the ocean can still be very dangerous," said Los Angeles County Lifeguard Lidia Barillas.

Throughout the state, numerous rescues were made at various beaches. There were about 66 rescues at Northern beaches, 103 rescues at central beaches, and 235 rescues in the South Bay area, according to Los Angeles County Fire Department.

A Southern swell and warm El Nino waters create dangerous swimming conditions and have kept lifeguards busy over the past few days.

Strong rip currents are expected to continue into Friday.

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