hit and run

Motorcyclist's Helmet Cam Captures Hit-and-Run Crash

A motorcyclist who was involved in a hit-and-run crash is hoping footage from his helmet camera will help track down the driver who fled the scene.

Dale Waterman was riding between cars slowed by traffic on the 210 Freeway when the driver of a black sedan abruptly switched lanes in front of him. The camera's first-person view shows Waterman had no chance of avoiding a crash.

"I just see the camera go blurry when the impact happened," Waterman said. "After that, I went in chest first into the windshield."

The driver of the car, according to Waterman, pulled over and began to discuss exchanging insurance information before speeding off.

"I tend to be trusting in people I really didn't see him as going to run," Waterman said. "It just stunned me."

The California Highway Patrol confirms it is investigating the incident as a misdemeanor hit and run.

"He could have killed other people. He needs to be held accountable," Waterman said.

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