10-Year-Old Girl Delivers Mom's Baby at Home With the Help of a 911 Dispatcher

Miracle Moore lived up to her name and was honored for her heroic effort in helping her mom safely give birth

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A 10-year-old Missouri girl helped her mother give birth at home with the assistance of a 911 operator who patiently walked her through the delivery process.

Viola Fair went into labor at home in Jennings on Oct. 23, three weeks before her due date, according to NBC News affiliate KSDK. And with the baby coming fast, Fair didn't have time to get to the hospital. That's when her daughter Miracle Moore jumped in to action and called 911.

"Hi, I think my mom is in labor," Miracle told dispatcher Scott Stranghoener.

Over the next 11 minutes, Stranghoener went through a set of protocols for an at-home delivery with Miracle, directing the young girl to grab towels or blankets and place them underneath her mother's body and to unlocked the front door so emergency responders could enter the home.

“She followed all of my instructions to a T’ and did an amazing job,” Stranghoener said. “A few minutes later, we had another baby girl in the house.” 

Fair told KSDK that she was proud of her daughter, who was able to help grab her sister, Jayla, following delivery, wrap her up in a towel, and rub her back to get her to cry.

“She was really helpful,” said Fair. “I am very thankful.” 

Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and took the baby and mother to the hospital for an evaluation.

Miracle was honored for her heroic efforts at a ceremony attended by the dispatcher and first responders who helped bring Jayla into the world.

Looking back on the experience Moore said that she was "scared" during the delivery, but now might want to go into the medical field to continue helping people. Though for now, she’s focused on being a big sister. 

“She’s really cute,” said Miracle. “She doesn’t cry a lot, and I get to hold her a lot.” 

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