12-Inch iPad Rumored

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Apple has already experimented with different sizes for the iPad with the iPad Mini, so would a bigger one be called the iPad Maxi? Nope, apparently the name is rumored to be the iPad Pro.

Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang wrote about the potential new iPad in an investors note, according to AppleInsider. The 12-inch iPad hybrid, which would be released in fall of this year, would change the notebook market, he said.

Wang called it a "game changer" for Apple and its new iPad Pro and which will likely be a "professional grade iPad akin to the MacBook Pro," AppleInsider reported. A 12-inch iPad would be very similar to the MacBook air's 11.6-inch screen, and possibly be a convertible tablet/notebook such as the Asus Transformer Book T100, which is being marketed to offices everywhere.

Granted, there is much to change with the Transformer, including making it more streamlined and less clunky (it's 2.4 pounds) so Apple could have a hit if it decides to create it. The only problem is that most people probably already have an iPad and a keyboard, if that's what they want, so it better be a great machine if Apple wants IT managers to decide s/he can't live without having a bigger version.

The rumors of a larger iPad have been around for a while, but this is the first time the rumors actually make some sense -- that this is Apple's newest device to tempt enterprise customers.

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