21 IPhone Cases Via 3D Printers

Design blog Engineer Vs. Designer challenged the 3D printing community to create "the most absurd 3D-printable iPhone accessory" one can imagine (and, in turn, have a chance to win a MakerBot Replicator). The result? A whole basket-load of crazy.


We're talking crazy like cases that turn your iPhone into a pair of brass knuckles or a medieval weapon. Crazy cases that say yes, the iPhone really can be used for anything, but you'd have to be a nut to use it for this. Crazy cases that uses your iPhone for unspeakable things. 180 designs were submitted. The contest ended yesterday.

For the brave, here are 21 iPhone cases that are thoroughly bananas. The craziest part? There's really no reason why you couldn't print these out and use them for real. Well, except for the last one, maybe.

Engineer Vs. Designer, via Thingiverse, via MAKE

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