4.5 Million Sign Google's Anti-SOPA Petition

Google not going black to protest SOPA may have turned out for the best for those opposed to the Congressional measure.

The Mountain View-based search company chose to black out its Google Doodle on Wednesday instead of joining sites, such as Wikipedia, and going black for 24 hours to oppose the controversial measure, which would give the US Justice Department the ability to track and go after Internet pirates, has rallied some of Silicon Valley's largest tech companies together to oppose the measure.

Google had its censored doodle link to a page with information and a petition about the Stop Internet Piracy Act and a second bill called the Protect Internet Protocol Act, or PIPA.

A spokeswoman for Google told The Los Angeles Times that it was able to get 4.5 million people to sign its anti-SOPA petition Wednesday -- something it would not have been able to do had it gone black.


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