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Mom Caught on Tape Throwing Baby on Bus

Hartford police are trying to find the mother.



    Police are looking for the woman who threw her baby on a CT Transit bus. (Published Friday, April 12, 2013)

    Police in Connecticut are looking for a mother seen tossing her baby on a city bus in an alarming video posted on YouTube.

    The disturbance happened on a bus Wednesday morning along Albany Avenue in Hartford, according to officials.  

    For several minutes, the mother sat, with her baby on her lap, and screamed at a woman a few seats up and passengers recorded it on their cell phones.

    Seconds later, the situation grew more heated. 

    The mother tossed her baby into the people sitting across from her, then ran down the aisle and got into a fight with that woman she had been arguing with. The video also shows the baby holding her ears throughout the ordeal.

    NBC Connecticut showed the video to people who ride the bus and live in the area around Albany Avenue and they were appalled.

    "It's alarming, especially being parents. You think we would have more control, especially in a public place,” Gary Williams said. 

    In addition to YouTube, the video has been posted on Facebook.

    “It’s really looking bad for Hartford," Ebony Mitchell said. "You got a kid, that's the first thing you got to think about.”

    Hartford police and Connecticut Transit are investigating.

    The bus company  told NBC Connecticut the driver did everything right and stopped the bus right when the fight got physical.

    Police said the mother and the baby walked off the bus seconds later.