Absolutely Apes

The San Diego Zoo devotes a long weekend to some major stars.

San Diego Zoo

FEBRUARY FRIENDS: The San Diego Zoo, we think it can be widely acknowledged, does a pretty spectacular job in the get-people-to-know-their-animals department all year long. But the institution puts the focus on one area or animal every February; last year it was the koala (you remember "Koalapalooza," yes?) and this year? The beautiful ape. Several primates call the world-famous zoo home, of course, and while visitors make pilgrimages to see the apes regardless of month, they can get a more in-depth view over the Friday, Feb. 17-Monday, Feb. 20 weekend at Absolutely Apes.

FEEDINGS AND MORE: It is pretty amazing to watch an animal do just about anything, in our opinion, but watching them eat and learning about their feeding habits and diets is way up there on the interesting scale for us (you too? good). Absolutely Apes will spotlight the foods and feedings of apes, in addition to other apely facts. There's are horticulture demos on what the zoo's big primates eat going on throughout the weekend, as well as a Popsicle session for the apes (that's happening twice daily, and we're already full of joy picturing primates holding fruity snacks on a stick). There's also a "Gorilla Raisin Rain" -- keepers hide dried fruit and the gorillas must find the treats (an activity that is both tasty and mind-challenging). We want to watch it all. Especially the Siamangs, which we're particularly sweet on. Siamangs, see you soon.

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