Eric Stonestreet: “Modern Family” Shakeup Ahead

The Emmy winning actor, who plays Cam on the hit comedy, promises hilarious new twists.

With only a brief moment in which to set down their newly awarded Emmys, the “Modern Family” cast is back on air Wednesday night.

Eric Stonestreet, who just collected his second Emmy trophy as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, promises that – beyond how the extended Dunphy/Prichett/Tucker clan deals with the surprise pregnancy of Gloria (Sofia Vergara) – everybody’s got a little shakeup ahead, including his character Cam.

“Cam gets a job,” Stonestreet reveals. “Lily is back to kindergarten and Cam has some free time on his hands so he figures out he needs to spend some time doing something. He gets a job as a music teacher at Luke and Manny's school, which is great!”

“The Halloween episode's coming up, which is gonna be really funny,” adds Stonestreet. “Cam has some ideas of what he wants to be for Halloween and something goes wrong with that. And then the family has a yard sale together, and what you can always count on is some craziness happening.”

Stonestreet says that after four seasons, there really is a familial tie among the cast and crew behind the scenes, especially since the adult actors took a united stand this summer to successfully lobby for larger paychecks.

“We do enjoy each other's company,” he said. "We have a great time and I think the best thing is that we've all been with each other and stick together through breakups and illnesses and tragedies and now contact renegotiation and all that. So we've really solidified ourselves as a family. It's really neat knowing that we're gonna know each other for a long time.”


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