Amputee Fetish Sites Mine Facebook for Images

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Amputee Facebook users beware, your photo may end up somewhere you'd rather not see it.

As Charlotte Fielder, who was born without a hand, found out, some pornographic websites are trolling the Social Network for photos of amputees to use on their sites.

The photos aren't necessarily lewd, but for amputee fetishists, it's all they need.

The 47-year-old UK woman, joined Facebook in 2008 to help people like herself, cope with the disability, says All Facebook, but she soon discovered a photo of herself turned up on a porn site.

Many fetishists will often try to friend the people they find on these sites, and while she is aware what's going on, some younger amputees could be targeted and may not realize what is happening.

Fielder told the BBC

"I’m a 47-year-old woman but younger girls aren’t aware. These men are out there, they lie and pretend to be limb deficient to make friends with people. Teenagers with limb deficiencies have enough issues. It’d be like growing up with the biggest spot in the world on your nose. When I was young I’d always keep my stump in my pocket."

Facebook responded by stating its current policy says someone should only add the people they know as friends to their account. The company also contends that everyone has adjustable privacy settings which can prevent the copying of images.

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