Android Can Control Your Toilet

Lixil Japan

We don't know why the Japanese are fascinated by toilets, but it seems as if they really do enjoy heated, musical and automated models with soft lighting. Now there's one that can be controlled remotely by an Android app.

The Satis models by Lixil not only offers easy cleaning, but a stereo built into the toilet, and a way to remotely flush or move the seat up and down.

(We realize that this may be a way to avoid touching the toilet with your hands, but realize this: You're touching your smartphone and it's harder to wash those.)

If the music and other features don't appeal, there's also the handy poop diary you can use on your smartphone. Don't worry, the pictures are considered "euphemistically cute," according to Japanese Trends.

Some say that the reason the Japanese are into very modern toilets may have to do with the "old-style" toilets that greet visitors in busy transit centers -- basically troughs in the floor that may puzzle even the most resourceful tourists.

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