Android KitKat Only on 1.4% of Devices

Google's Android developers studied a week of Google Play downloads and the devices used and found most users were using Jelly Bean, while only 1.4 percent were using the new KitKat.

The data, finished on Jan. 8, was published on the Android Developers blog, where it also noted that 59.1 percent were using some form of Jelly Bean. Only 1.3 percent use Froyo, 21.2 percent use Gingerbread, 0.1 percent use Honeycomb and 16.9 percent use Ice Cream Sandwich. Gingerbread's hold on Android devices has dropped about 3 percent  in favor of newer versions of the operating system, according to Android and Me.

The news shows that older version of Android are diminishing, although the newest, Android 4.4., or KitKat, still is not being widely adopted. The reason? More manufacturers still need to incorporate the latest version of Android, as they likely will in the coming year. While some may say this indicates Android fragmentation, Google's statistics show that older version of Android are dwindling for newer ones. Perhaps it may take a while, but KitKat use will likely rise.

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