Apple Buying Bandwidth

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Apple is buying a lot of bandwidth -- so much that it can create a network capable of delivering huge amounts of content to customers and give the company control over distribution, according to a report.

The idea is that Apple is doing all this to create a new network that could deliver programming to television, according to the Wall Street Journal. Because it uses the iCloud service, where it stores users' data, as well as selling content such as videos and music, Apple needs have grown, but it has yet to really compete for television audiences.

The idea is that it could expand its Apple TV offerings or create its own device, but to do that Apple needs more Internet infrastructure. According to CNET, Apple now uses Akamai Technologies and Level 3 Communications to provide content for the company, but if it starts controlling the network it could mean better service as well as Apple control.

"Having their own (content delivery network) would give them more control and security than they have now," Dan Rayburn, a principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, told CNET.

Grabbing more bandwidth and engineers to build out its network isn't only Apple's idea. Both Google and Facebook have already done it. Apple declined to comment on the report.

It would be great if Apple decided to beef up its Apple TV offerings since it has largely ignored the product for years. Now, especially since Google is becoming a competitor in the TV market with Chromecast, perhaps Apple will decide to spend the time and money to make Apple TV a better product.
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