Apple Starts Blogging — For iTunes

Getty Images

It is odd that it took Apple about 10 years to start blogging, but it's finally happened and it's now on Tumblr.

Amid the pictures of Nicki Minaj and "The Lego Movie," are GIFs of Jack White, Stephen Colbert and green scene from "Guardians of the Galaxy" on its front page in matchbook-sized images tiled across the screen in vibrant color. It does look more iTunes than a typical Tumblr page, as 9to5Mac suggests, and is gauged for a consumer audience with links to videos, posts and images -- all with social sharing.

After ignoring social media for a long time, this year Apple seemed to be trying to make up for it. It's joined Instagram, Apple chief Tim Cook at last joined Twitter and the company actually liveblogged its September media event with a hashtag.

Perhaps this is the work of the company's new social media head, Musa Tariq, or someone else who has looked around the Internet since 2008 and informed Apple it had to be doing a lot more than it was.

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