Apple Workers Say IWatch Has Low Battery Life

Apple's new smartwatch may have a shorter-than-expected battery life, according to employees.

Apple workers have said that the so-called iWatch's battery life is poor, according to Apple Insider. The problem? The iWatch's color touchscreen seems to be draining away battery life, the report said.

Android wearables usually need to be charged daily (although the Moto 360 needs to be charged twice a day, according to a Wall Street Journal report) so Apple's device is expected to at least be the same if not better. However, the more basic the device, the longer the battery life.

Apple's new smartwatch has been rumored to have an OLED display which takes less power than typical LCD, but it's expected to have voice-enabled control, mobile payments, health monitoring and other features that may drain battery power. 

The news of the iWatch's battery life could be detrimental if it's less than its rivals. Apple could spin a once-a-day charge into a positive, but longer-lasting battery life would make it a better device and a must-have purchase.

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