Apple's Ads Make Users Look Foolish

Critics says that Apple's new ads featuring a youthful Apple Genius helping out clueless users, seems to be mocking its customers. 

The new ads are "cheesy" and "borderline smarmy," according to Ars Technica. CNET reported that Apple is showing its customers as "nincompoops." And Digital Trends calls them too dumb to be able to fathom iMovie or iPhoto -- and takes a few shots at the 20-something "Boy Genius."

The ads, which debuted at the start of the Olympics and are now in heavy rotation, do feature clueless male Mac customers (who are also callous to their significant others) -- so just who is Apple's audience? Dumb guys? Maybe. The commercials aren't aimed at the Apple fanboys who hang onto every detail of the devices because they will already buy anything Apple. Instead, Apple wants the mainstream person who just wants an easy-to-use computer that won't tax his brain.

Still, you have to know that PC users are totally making fun of all you Mac guys.

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