Apple’s New iOS 7 Wants Inside Your Car

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Apple wants to be an integral part of your car and its new iOS 7 is created to do just that.

Apple's Maps and Siri will be embedded into its in-car integration, according to 9to5Mac. The news comes from "multiple people familiar" with the endeavor. Apparently Apple will place the iOS's Maps and Siri into cars. 

The move could be a death knell to those companies who sell iPhone accessories for cars, but open up a lot more opportunities for Apple. Instead of an accessory, the iPhone could be plugged in directly to a car and effectively edge out the middle men. Then as the iPhone is plugged in a "redesigned version" of Apple Maps will appear on the car's built-in display -- replacing the GPS systems found on many cars. Siri would be used to control the functions and drivers would remain hands-free. Already Apple has a new "Eyes-Free" Siri service for cars, so that step is already available. It's actually a very genius move on Apple's part to free up a new segment of the market for itself and squash an existing one.

However, consumers can't get too excited. Even though it incorporates iOS 7, it could be years away before it can be integrated into new cars. The reason? Because it takes years of car testing simply to get a product and so far we're not sure Apple even has a viable partner.  Ford and GM already have a competing console interface, so Apple would have to look past those car makers.

If this report is accurate, it will also mean that Android needs to develop a suitable competitor as well. This means in the next few years computer-car integration will be light years from where it is now.

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