100 People Arrested After Spring Break Party Turns Violent

More than 100 people were arrested and 44 people were taken to the hospital, authorities said

More than 100 people were arrested and several deputies were injured during a spring break street party near Santa Barbara, Calif., that quickly dissolved into violence overnight.

Authorities from various law enforcement agencies were dispatched to control unruly crowds during Deltopia, an annual party in Isla Vista that drew about 15,000 people, according to a news release from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

One officer suffered a head injury when he was hit in the head with a backpack that contained large bottles of alcohol around 9:30 p.m., officials said. As authorities arrested the suspect, a large crowd gathered and threw rocks, bricks and bottles at them, deputies said.

"It was first declared an unlawful assembly, then it quickly elevated to what we consider civil unrest," said Kelly Hoover of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Some party-goers ripped out stop signs, smashed car windows, set small fires and damaged property. Chemical agents and foam projectiles were used to disperse the crowds in a four-hour-long effort to restore order.

Five other deputies were injured during the riot, with one being hit in the face with a brick, authorities said. About 26 people were taken to local hospitals in the incident.

Eighteen people arrested for refusing to disperse, officials said. One person was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Throughout the day more than 100 people were arrested and 44 people were taken to the hospital for alcohol-related issues, officials said.

Personnel from Santa Barbara and Ventura County assisted in the crowd control. 

Though the event is unsanctioned by UC Santa Barbara, the school said students who participated could face disciplinary action.

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