“Avatar 2” Could Be Coming To You Sooner Than You Think

Getty Images for Earth Day

Given that James Cameron took 13 years to make another movie after “Titanic,” and given the fact that he is currently engaged in trying to single-handedly solve the BP oil spill (This man knows the sea… he did “The Abyss,” people), AND given that he plans on releasing “Titanic” in 3D in 2012, you would think it would be a very long time before Cameron to get around to making another new movie.

Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cameron is already planning to release a new movie within the next four years, and that it could very well be a sequel to “Avatar.”

Director James Cameron said he plans to release his next film in three to four years and might embark on a sequel to "Avatar."

Mr. Cameron, speaking at the All Things Digital conference Wednesday, said he planned on pushing 3D technology to new levels for his next project. If his next film isn't "Avatar II," it will be "some other big film that uses that same technology."

Cameron already hinted a while back that “Avatar 2” would be set in the oceans of Pandora, the fictional planet he dreamed up for the megablockbuster. It makes sense that, after perfecting the 3D process he pioneered with “Avatar,” Cameron would become more prolific than he was in the previous decade. He has the tools now to tell any story he likes, and he probably didn’t feel that way before.

Chances are, you will see “Avatar 2” and another Cameron 3D adventure all within this decade. And that’s a good thing. There are few filmmakers out there with the brutal ambition to get every detail right. Cameron is one of them. More movies from him are never a bad thing.

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