Bieber Suffers Concussion After Walking Into Wall at Paris Concert

He says the impact knocked him out for 15 seconds

Justin Bieber had a painful run-in with a glass wall Thursday, during a European promotional tour that's already faced a few bumps.

The teen idol told TMZ that he suffered a concussion after smashing his head into a pane of glass during a concert in the French capital.

Between songs, he reached for a railing, not realizing that it was behind glass, and knocked his head, he explained.

"Me and glass walls just don't go together," he joked, perhaps referring to that other incident involving him smashing his head into a revolving door.

Despite feeling light-headed, Bieber rallied and returned to the stage to preform his final song. It wasn't until the show wrapped up that he collapsed for about 15 seconds, he said.

"Finally I opened my eyes and I saw the doctor and he told me I had a concussion and just to relax," he said.

Taking to Twitter, he informed his 22.6 million followers about what had happened and laughed it off: "i will see u again Glass. I will have my revenge."

The glass encounter comes just a day after a mob of fans gave Oslo police an unenviable crowd-control challenge. Bieber offered a free concert Wedesday—his first ever in Norway—at the Oslo Opera House, which concluded with Bieber's label executive remarking that "fortunatley no one was seriously injured," according to E! Online.

Bieber's tour is promoting his new album, "Believe" which drops June 19.

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