Rebecca Liebson

Watch: British Man Appears Unshaken After Being Hit by Bus

The 53-year-old sustained only minor injuries

Keep calm and carry on.

That’s what Englishman Simon Smith seemed to do after being struck by a bus on his way home from work. Almost immediately after, Smith brushed himself off and entered a nearby pub as if nothing happened.

Despite being hit hard enough to crack the windsheild, Smith was left with only minor scratches and bruising. The incident took place on Gun Street in Reading, England, and was captured on CCTV.

The 53-year-old told U.K. news outlets he was lucky to be alive.

He explained in an interview with The Sun that he never saw the bus coming. 

"It's quite funny everybody think I have gone for a pint," he said. "I was actually looking for a place of refuge when I went into the doorway of the pub." 

An ambulance arrived then. It wasn't until after he was discharged from the hospital that he had a pint.

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