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Remember the Insanity That Was Build-a-Bear's ‘Pay Your Age' Deal? They're Doing It Differently This Year

It seems the event won't be unbearable this time.

What to Know

  • In 2018, the Pay Your Age deal resulted in chaotic scenes at Build-a-Bear stores across the country.
  • This year, it's a ticket-based system.
  • The list will cap at 200,000 people.

A year ago, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and seemingly anyone who wanted a Build-a-Bear — for themselves or for a pint-size human in their lives — swarmed Build-a-Bear for the Pay Your Age deal, effectively ensuring the company would never do it that way again after chaos ensued.

But this year, the company is doing it a little differently, and hopefully no tears will be shed on missed bear necessities.

In 2018, crowds flocked to Build-a-Bear for the pay your age deal, with some waiting as long as six hours in line. The company issued an apology after stores had to close lines that were wrapped around the block and turn away customers. 

"It was beyond anything we could have ever imagined," the CEO told the Today show.

The Count Your Candles Sweepstakes and Pay Your Age limited ticket offer will remedy the unforeseen mess.

Those interested will enter on this site before June 16 for a chance at the pay your age deal. The winner will get a ticket to one of Build-a-Bear's United States, Canada, or UK shops June 24-28 to get a discounted bear.

The deal also offers a chance at a birthday party experience with the store.

The winners list is capped off at 200,000, meaning you can't line up and get a discounted bear without a ticket. 

During the June 24-28 time period, those with tickets will get one bear per child, with a max of two bears per ticket. 

Only 10 customers who win will get the grand prize Count Your Candles birthday experience, with a value of up to $250. 

How to Enter:

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